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It seems as though covid has touched all aspects of our lives, with fashion being no exception. 

As companies have adopted a more remote-based working model, many people have embraced comfier clothing options and feel less pressure to wear ‘new’ outfits every day.  WoW has embraced this flexibility in the conception of our purpose-built workspaces, understanding the need for flexibility in our working structures as well as our wardrobes! Read on to find out how we think the pandemic has impacted fashion trends and consumer choices going forward.


Whilst a suit and tie have been slowly receding into the back of wardrobes for some time now, the status quo pre pandemic was to opt for a smart casual look.  Comfort is defined on an individual basis, yet more people have embraced  working in casual clothes (including sports or lounge wear) and trainers instead of traditional ‘work’ shoes.  Whilst it was once seen as controversial to wear sweatpants to work, editor-in-chief of Vogue, Anna Wintour (who once vowed she would never wear them during the working day) was recently happily snapped in them for their IG account. 

Source- McKinsey & Company- The State Of Fashion 2021 

It seems everyone, from high fashion houses to consumers have had a chance to push pause and dress according to the times. Alongside her photograph, Wintour does make an important point about the need for reflection and reevaluation. ‘We need to talk frankly and openly about what fashion is going through, but just as importantly, we need to start imagining what comes next.’ What we wear to work seems inextricably linked with our business practices and values. What we present in a professional setting is important, and if flexibility is something we value then why shouldn’t we embrace this in our wardrobes?

Conscious consumers

For many, sustainability is a leading consideration when choosing clothes. In fact, Mckinsey & Co found that 67% of consumers surveyed listed this as a key factor in their decision making. They also foresee Covid19 as accelerating the move towards ‘circularity’, meaning the wide-scale adoption of recycled or reused textiles and garments in clothes production. Commitments to more sustainable practices are good for the planet and for the pocket of companies alike- it’s a win-win situation. 

Individual scale

On an individual scale, many of us have spent a lot of time at home, potentially Marie Kondo-ing our wardrobes. Perhaps the collective thought of  ‘Am I really going to wear that jacket that’s been collecting dust?’ has entered our minds. Linda Duiriz, CEO of Tiger believes that there will be a focus on higher quality rather than quantity:  ‘We’ve all spent way too much time at home wondering when we will ever be able to wear everything we have in there again. A new appreciation is coming for higher quality, more sustainable fabrics, and real craftsmanship in the garments.’


As locked down customers turned to digital devices to shop, E-commerce sites experienced rapid growth. In 2021, it is predicted that annual digital growth will grow by 30% in Europe and the US compared with 2020.  Data has shown that we have ‘ vaulted five years forward in consumer and business adoption of digital in a matter of months.’ As technology advances, a more personalised shopping experience may be on the horizon. 


According to Mary Ramsay, the head of immunisation at Public Health England it is likely that masks will be around for some time yet. As other restrictions lift, masks will still be an essential part of our wardrobes and so more creative, vibrant designs are likely to emerge. Whilst some hand made masks aren’t seen as medical grade, many companies are beginning to get with the times and produce pretty and practical face coverings. 

We’re looking forward to you bringing your best self to work, whether that’s in a three piece or sweatpants! 

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