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Running a style business from a stylish location

When they could barely move around their home because every room was piled with boxes and bags of clothes, Abdullah and Camilla knew it was time to find premises for their business.

They sell vintage women’s wear wholesale. The business began on Depop and quickly proved to be a winner. But wholesaling from home wasn’t sustainable, and not just because they wanted their living room back. “We were placing bigger orders, filling our bedrooms, and we couldn’t process the new orders,” said Abdullah. They’d run out of space to scale the business.

One of their concerns about taking on premises was the dingy, dusty environment inside many warehouses. Those they found were unsuitable, with most being too large or too pricey. Then, thanks to yet another Google search, they discovered Wow Workspaces.

Conveniently located within a fifteen-minute cycle ride from their home, Wow Workspaces offered all they were looking for, and more. The premises offered more than just clean space – they were set up to be customer friendly and suitable for receiving commercial deliveries. ‍

Wow Workspaces ticks every box

Moving into their workspace was very straightforward. The paperwork was completed quickly and efficiently, and the Wow Workspaces team were easy to reach when there were questions. Little touches made a massive difference, such as being able to have their dog come to work with them, and being given new bicycle racks right by their door. “They saw our need and they met it,” said Camilla.

The friendly, helpful attitude has continued. When Abdullah and Camilla need help, they only have to ask. They even get assistance when receiving deliveries of more clothes.

94% Increased online orders

2x Organic traffic

33% Business growth

How Wow Workspaces has improved their business

Having more space has made a massive difference. Customers don’t have to rummage through boxes or bags, but can view vintage clothes displayed on racks in a bright, modern setting.

Customers have responded well to the new premises. They love that they can park onsite, which is handy when they’re carrying away heavy bags of garments. The toilets, an important detail, are accessible and clean.

The business has been able to order more and to store more, and customers are coming back more often. Growth means they are about to hire their first employee.

“It’s great for creating content,” said Camilla, who’s thinking of taking photos and shooting video for promoting her products. ‍

Ideal for customer-facing businesses

Wow Workspaces is ideal for any business that has customers come to their premises – whether it’s an office, studio or warehouse.

“It works for a business that’s making and selling, or for a mortgage advisor meeting clients,” said Abdullah. It’s also suitable for businesses that want to work outside of regular hours – there’s 24/7 access, making it easy to hold evening events.

Asked to sum up their Wow Workspaces experience in one sentence, Camilla said: “It was really straightforward and easy going from start to finish, and it’s tailored to our business needs.”